Travel Document
November 10, 1921

Elsa was required to register with the Münster police her intention to attend college in Düsseldorf.

Siegfried Loeb and Elsa Feibes' Marriage License
August 5, 1922

This would have been posted in Münster City Hall for six weeks.

September 20, 1922

Elsa had just married Siegfried and was moving to Düsseldorf. At that time one was expected to register with the police when changing their city of residence for an extended period of time.

Loeb Family Book

This official document shows the wedding date of Siegfried and Elsa, as well as the birth dates of their sons, Werner, Julian and Frank.

Julian Loeb's Birth Certificate
July 9, 1926

Verification that Elsa obtained on December 18, 1933 and a translation obtained in the U.S. on November 20, 1943.

Elsa Loeb's German Passport

This shows that she was married to Siegfried, but doesn't mention the children. They were listed on his passport.

August 17,1933

This appears to be a document that Seigfried obtained to verify that he had no current record of infractions with the police.

Confirmation of Birth
January 2, 1934

Elsa obtained this document that confirmed her birth in Germany as preparation for gaining citzenship to the U.S.

Holland America Passenger List
April 21, 1934

Elsa and her three sons travelled from Rotterdam to New York aboard the Volendam, a Holland-America Line ship, departing Saturday, April 21st 1944. Their names are listed under Tourist Class. An small piece of paper was inserted in the back. It appears to be a receipt in U.S. dollars for the tickets.

Gustav Feibes Document
March 22, 1935

This appears to be a document obtained by Elsa's father, Gustav Feibes. If you know what it is, please let me know.

Hedwig Feibes' Alien Registration
February 20, 19

A postcard from Mt. Rainier
August 19, 1950

To Julian and Frank from Else and Seigfried, on a trip to Washington State.

Elsa Loeb's U.S. Passport
March 18, 1954

This documents Elsa and Seigfried's return to Europe for the first time since they left in 1934.

Map of Forest Hills

Julian Loeb drew this map of the neighborhood the family moved to in 1942.

Seigfried Loeb's Grave Marker

Julian Enters the Army
July 1944

Click on the image above to view various documents from Julian's army experience.

Julian's Cornell Transcripts